FRCS Urol revision notes (courtesy of Tom Walton)

“Feel free to use my revision notes and audio files as you see fit. They were compiled over a period of two years, leading up to a successful attempt at the FRCS (Urol), at which I was awarded the Keith Yeates Medal. Whilst I have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in the notes is accurate, they were never destined for publication, and as such I am sure a keen eye will identify the occasional error here and there. Nevertheless, I am sure you will find them a useful resource; I certainly continue to use them regularly in my post at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, and as part of Nottingham Urology Group. If you wish to leave any feedback about the notes, please e-mail me at If you feel particularly moved to offer money, I would be grateful if you would consider a charitable donation to Prostate Action, who supported my Fellowship overseas. Alternatively, a pint at a conference will do. Cheers, Tom Walton.”

Revision notes


TJW Vasectomy             TJW Varicocoele

TJW Priapism                TJW Peyronie’s disease

TJW Penile anatomy and physiology

TJW Male infertility

TJW Erectile dysfunction

TJW Late-onset hypogonadism

Bladder dysfunction

TJW Bladder diverticula

TJW Bladder pharmacology

TJW Neurogenic bladder

TJW Pharmacological Treatment of Bladder Dysfunction

TJW Urodynamics


TJW Prostate embryology, anatomy and physiology

TJW Benign prostate hyperplasia

Female Urology

TJW Female urinary incontinence

TJW Painful bladder syndrome

TJW Urethral diverticulum

TJW Vesico-vaginal fistula

TJW Pelvic organ prolapse

Investigative and Technical

TJW Investigative and technical


TJW Bleeding, blood products and transfusion reactions

TJW LUT anatomy             TJW Statistical method

TJW UUT anatomy            TJW Perioperative

Nephrology and transplantation

TJW Renal cystic disease   TJW Renal failure

TJW Renal physiology       TJW Renal transplantation

Oncological Urology

TJW Adrenal Incidentaloma   TJW Benign Renal Tumours

TJW Bladder Cancer         TJW Bladder Tumours

TJW Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

TJW Kidney Cancer     TJW Penile cancer

TJW Prostate Cancer       TJW Testis Cancer

TJW Urethral Cancer    TJW UUT Urothelial Cancer

Paediatric Urology

TJW Paediatric cancer      TJW Paediatric DSD TJW

Paediatric duplex and ectopia

TJW Paediatric embryology, physiology and radiology

TJW Paediatric neuropathic & exstrophy

TJW Paediatric penoscrotal

TJW Paediatric urinary incontinence

TJW Paediatric UTI      TJW Paediatric UUT obstruction

TJW Paediatric VUR      TJW Posterior urethral valves

TJW Prune belly syndrome

Reconstructive Urology

TJW Reconstruction with bowel

TJW Urethral stricture disease

TJW Urinary diversion

Stones and endourology 

TJW Lasers and Lithotripsy

TJW Mx Renal and Ureteric Stones

TJW Pathophysiology of Upper Urinary Tract Obstruction

TJW Pelviureteric junction obstruction

TJW Physiology of renal pelvis and ureter

TJW Retroperitoneal fibrosis

TJW Urolithiasis


TJW Genitourinary trauma

Urinary tract infection

TJW Antibiotics and prophylaxis

TJW Catheter-associated UTIs

TJW Female lower urinary tract infection

TJW Funguria     TJW Genitourinary Tuberculosis

TJW Prostatitis and male UTI

TJW Schistosomiasis & Other Infections

TJW Sexually Transmitted Infections

TJW Upper Tract Infections

TJW Urinalysis

TJW UTI Pathogenesis and diagnosis


4 thoughts on “FRCS Urol revision notes (courtesy of Tom Walton)

  1. I used Tom’s notes for my FRCS revision in 2012. I found them extremely useful and gave up making my own notes within days of using Tom’s

    I would strongly urge anyone preparing for the exam to have a look at them. I would also like to say a very big belated thank you to Tom. Without your hard work I would probably still be making my own notes and trying to pass the dreaded exam!

  2. I relied heavily upon Tom’s notes whilst revising for the MCQ’s in July 2012. They are the most comprehensive revision resource available to date, and I can highly recommend them as a primary revision aid. Together with the EAU/NICE/BAUS guidelines, The viva practice book, and technology micro-teaching notes, this is the only resource you will need in 2013! Thank you Tom!

  3. I used these notes very extensively, and successfully passed the exam November 2013. I’d like to thank Tom very much indeed for making the notes available on this website – they represent a huge amount of work and were extremely useful to me. I will be donating to his chosen charity.

  4. This revision set of notes came in invaluable in my consolidation. It was a perfect blend of EAU Guidlines, up- to-date articles and the important bits from Campells urology ( which generally renders me brain dead after half hour of reading ). Thanks to it, I also had a successful first attempt at FC(uro) SA. Using these, and some other sources I have compiled a set of mostly single-paged hand-written summaries of what I believe is a comprehensive overall revision material for the exam. I also have it in a zip format which I can mail on request. After this exam, I know that any help is welcome. Once again, thanks Tom. I hope we meet some day so that I can buy you that pint!

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